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Catalina Walsh Creative Director & Senior Bilingual Copywriter

At the core of every successful campaign there is a powerful, out-of-the-box, attention-grabbing concept.


Featured TV & Digital Video Commercials – English

Spectrum One - Special Report- TV

What started as a request for a Hispanic Market DRTV commercial to run in a few test cities became the best performing Spectrum commercial nationwide in both the General and the Hispanic markets. The GM campaign first ran in January 2023 and due to its unprecedented success, it ran again in June 2023. Role: Creative Director & Senior Copywriter.

Spectrum One - Word of Mouth - TV

DRTV produced in collaboration with TelevisaUnivision featuring their star, Clarissa Molina in her first English speaking commercial. This was a great follow-up to Special Report, and did almost as well placing it at the second top performing Spectrum campaign. Role: Creative Director & Senior Copywriter.

Spectrum Internet - Science Fair: Rocket

Digital video that motivated low-income families to apply for a $30 credit on their Internet service and subscribe to Spectrum Internet. The success of this campaign led to further promotion of Spectrum’s partnership with this program. Role: Creative Director and Senior Copywriter.

Featured TV & Digital Video Commercials – Spanish

Spectrum One - Aviso especial - TV

The original request was to produce a Hispanic DRTV commercial to run in a few test cities. The end result was the best performing Spectrum commercial, nationwide, in both the general and the Hispanic markets. Aviso Especial is also a key contributor to us receiving a 2023 Faxies Audience Engagement & Experience Honorable Mention for New Product Launch.Role: Creative Director & Senior Copywriter.

Spectrum One - En la tienda - TV

While it is a lower budget commercial, it was the perfect follow-up to Aviso Especial and it delivered a high CPC that helped maintain the popularity of Spectrum One. This spot features Clarissa Molina on her now established “Cuéntale a Clarissa” talk-show setting, also developed by my creative team. Produced by: TelevisaUnivision. Role: Creative Director & Senior Copywriter.

Spectrum TV & Internet - La prima - TV

This is the first time we show Clarissa in her “Cuéntale a Clarissa” mock talk-show set. Here, Clarissa helps a couple fix a family issue: they can’t get their cousin to leave their home because she loves their Spectrum TV so much! The audience responded so well that we’ve made four more commercials within this same talk-show setup. Role: Creative Director & Co-Writer.

Spectrum Internet & TV- Game Plan - TV

Spectrum Internet wanted to showcase that it was the number one choice for gamers, so they requested a competitive DRTV that would grab the attention of gamers out there. I proposed taking us into a VR game setting where we would even see our star, Gaby Espino, as an avatar. The result was a fun, out-of-the-box commercial that she excitedly pushed on her social media as well. Role: Senior Copywriter.

Spectrum Mobile - Huge Deal - TV

Spectrum Mobile was announcing its lowest price yet and the lowest among key competitors. They needed a memorable, disruptive, highly impressionable DRTV commercial and Huge Deal delivered just that. The results were high conversions and an overall successful campaign. Role: Senior Copywriter.

Spectrum Internet - Súper poderosa - TV

Clarissa Molina embodies young, empowered, Latinas in our country. This is why it was such a thrill for everyone involved in the production to see her embrace this concept. It is a mini sci-fi commercial that clearly delivered the message about Spectrum One being the number one choice for gamers in a fun and memorable way. Role: Senior Copywriter.

Verizon - LatinX Now: Latin American Music Awards - TV

One of the biggest challenges as a copywriter is to say a lot in very little time. This is one of my favorite examples, and one I’m proud of. In 30 seconds, Christian Acosta talks about six artists, while teasing three upcoming performances during the Latin American Music Awards. Role: Senior Copywriter.

AT&T - Reacción: El Señor de los Cielos - Social Media

As part of AT&T’s partnership with Telemundo and El Señor de los Cielos, we developed weekly recaps that incorporated social media comments from the fans as well as insider commentary from Carmen Villalobos or her former, now diseased character, Leonor Ballesteros. This was a fun and popular element of the AT&T campaign. Role: Senior Copywriter.

Subway: Opciones - Telemundo - Exatlón - TV

This commercial aired during one of Telemundo’s most popular shows, Exatlon. The young couple may not agree on their favorite Exatlon challenges or their favorite Subway sandwiches. It’s a good thing there are options for every taste. Role: Senior Copywriter.

Neutrogena - Billboard Awards - Telemundo - TV

Bumper commercial that aired during the 2019 Billboard Awards as part of a Neutrogena campaign to launch their new skin care collection, Hydro Boost. The campaign also included three Facebook videos following Gaby Espino as she prepared to host the awards that year. Role: Senior Copywriter.

Neutrogena - Billboard Awards - Telemundo - Facebook

This is one out of three videos released to promote Neutrogena’s new skin care collection, Hydro Boost. The social videos followed Gaby as she got ready to host the 2019 Billboard Awards, looking red-carpet-ready thanks to Hydro Boost. Her journey culminates with a bumber commercial that aired during the awards show. Role: Senior Copywriter.

H&R Block - Sueño Americano - SABEResPODER

This ad established H&R Block as a trusted brand for immigrants. It showcases its immigration services, including assistance filling out forms and finding legal counsel. This was an online ad that was also screened in the waiting rooms of multiple Mexican and South American consulates in the U.S. Role: Senior Copywriter.

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