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Catalina Walsh Creative Director & Senior Bilingual Copywriter

Our life experiences give us a unique voice that makes everything we create feel authentic, unique, and real.


About Me, the Woman Behind the Creative

As a visual storyteller, I believe the best way to share the story of my professional life is through pictures! It’s been fun to go back.

Bicultural Upbringing


I am 100% bicultural and bilingual. Born in the U.S. and raised mostly in Mexico City with regular visits to Houston and San Antonio, Texas. Half of my family is Mexican and the other half is American. I’ve always loved writing, I actually started to write stories, songs and poems as soon as I learned how to write when I was a child.

Mexico City - Televisa & Sesame Street


After graduating from college, I worked as a production assistant for Mexico’s main multimedia company, Televisa, in their Sesame Street co-production, Plaza Sésamo. After pitching some ideas with props and everything, I became the youngest scriptwriter for the show. I also worked on very popular children’s telenovelas.

Washington, D.C. - Filmmaker


Hungry for more life experience, I moved to my other country’s capital: Washington, DC. While working towards my M.A. in Film and Video Production from American University, I had the opportunity to work with National Geographic Television, where I learned storytelling and video interviewing skills that I continue to apply today.

Washington, DC - Writer and Producer at IDB


I also worked as a writer, producer and marketing coordinator for the Inter-American Development Bank, getting our TV packages to air on top networks in Latin America. I loved DC, even if you can’t meet anyone without getting asked about your party affiliation or who you work for! Still, after almost five years, it was time for me to move to Miami and conquer the U.S. Hispanic television world.

Miami - Writer & Producer at Telemundo


Telemundo, gave me one of the most rewarding experiences as a writer. I was one of the 33 writers selected, out of 4400 applicants, to participate in Telemundo’s first writing fellowship. I was soon employed by Telemundo, first as a scriptwriter for Al Rojo Vivo, then as a scriptwriter for live events, and finally as a writer and entertainment producer for the Yahoo! Telemundo website.

Los Angeles - GM Entertainment Producer


As much as I loved the Telemundo family, when I was offered a position as an entertainment news producer in Los Angeles, I immediately accepted. I was hired by The Chicago Tribune to start an Entertainment Video Department at KTLA that would produce videos featuring The CW stars and shows to distribute throughout The Tribune’s CW affiliates nationwide.

Entertainment Executive Producer


Soon, I was also covering other networks, top movie premieres and award shows. My video packages were aired and posted online throughout Tribune’s 33 local stations and newspapers. During my first year in LA, Telemundo also hired me as an assistant writing instructor for Telemundo’s third writing fellowship, which took place at Loyola Marymount University.

Synergistic Productions Co-Founder


I decided to start a multimedia company, Synergistic Productions, Inc., with my then business partner, and now husband, Jason England. Our YouTube channel, Join the Synergy, featured interview packages promoting top shows like The Voice and American Idol. Our interviews were so popular, our outlet was placed with top TV outlets on the red carpet.

Synergistic Productions - Multimedia Services


While working on our multiple video packages, I was also writing for different clients, including Nestlé, for whom I wrote original copy for their Nestlé Pure Life website, as well as scripts for videos featuring Cristina Saralegui. I also started working with Saber es Poder, an organization that produces educational content for Mexican and Central American immigrants, in partnership with top brands like H&R Block, PG&E, Post Foods, and MoneyGram.

Mom & Writer - All at Once


Jason and I decided to start a family, and we realized we needed to have regular hours. So, we stopped our entertainment coverage, and we focused on offering multimedia services through our company. This is when I started working with Herbalife’s in-house agency and with Telemundo’s marketing department. We had our beautiful baby girl, and I was able to work and be a mom at the same time.

Senior Copywriter & Creative Director


After only two weeks of freelancing for Infusion, a Davis Elen division, writing copy for their top client, Spectrum, they offered me a full-time remote position. A few months later, I helped the agency get a new client, Estrella TV, and managed the creative for this account. Shortly after, I was promoted to Creative Director for the Spectrum account and led the creative of their best performing spot in GM and HA: Special Report.

That brings us to...


Today, I’m again offering my services as an independent contractor to continue to balance my life as a mom, a wife and a creative individual, with my passion for writing and leading creative teams.

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